Contact Categories

The Contact Categories dropdown provides customized flexibility for customers to input their desired values. While customers can input and delete contact category values at any time, power of attorney, emergency contact, and authorized for release of information are default values that cannot be removed as options from the dropdown list.

Navigate to Contact Categories under the Practice section of your admin settings.

Adding Contact Categories #

To add a new contact category, click ADD CONTACT CATEGORY + in the top right corner and then complete the following form.

Name: This will be the displayed value your end user will select from in the dropdown of the categories field in the contact section of the patient profile.

Code: This should be a unique code used to represent the contact category value.

Once both these fields have been completed, you can select Save and add another or SAVE.

Updating & Deleting Contact Categories #

To edit a contact category, click into an existing contact category and make the changes needed.

To delete a contact category, in the list of contact categories use the checkbox to mark those values you want to delete and select the Delete selected contact categories action. Any PROTECTED contact categories that are attempted to be deleted will receive a 500 Error.