Fee Schedule

Managing your Fee Schedule is important to ensure proper reimbursement of the services provided.

Adding to your fee schedule #

To add a new procedure code, click add fee schedule + in the top right corner and then complete the following form.

Cpt code: The procedure code. You can also create custom codes here. You are not restricted to CPT codes

Name: This is used in the Perform command, on the billing footer, and on the claim.

Short name: This is used for patient bills.

Charge amount: The fee.

Eff date: Codes that are not effective on the dos for a note will not be available for use. Make sure to back date this if you need to cover services provided in the past.

End date: Adding an end date will expire the code and prevent it from being used going forward.

Code system: CPT or Internal.

Ndc code: Use for vaccines and medications dispensed.

Importing your fee schedule #

You can upload your fee schedule using the import tool. You can load 4 fields, CPT code, name, short name, and charge amount. Effective date will default to the day that the file was loaded. Any existing codes will be updated to reflect what is in the file. You’ll be able to preview the changes before importing.


Updating and deleting procedures #

To edit a single procedure code, click into an existing procedure code and make changes as needed.

If you need to adjust many codes, you can export your fee schedule, make the changes as needed, and then import it following the instructions above.

To remove a procedure code, add an expiration date to make the code inactive.