Important Dates

Stay up to date on the latest important dates for the Canvas platform.

DescriptionTypeWhat You Need To KnowRelease DateEnd of Life
FHIR API Version 1New VersionWe have released V2 of our FHIR API and will be transitioning away from V1. During the transition period, you can control which API you use on a request-by-request basis by simply changing the subdomain. Your authentication tokens work on both versions. All updates and fixes will only occur in V2 going forward. Please reference our FHIR V2 migration guide.06/28/2024
FHIR API: Create and Updates Return NullBreaking ChangeWe currently return the string null in the response body for successful create and update interactions. This behavior does not adhere to the FHIR spec. We will be updating all create and update endpoints to return empty response bodies on successful interactions.07/02/2024
Workflow SDKNew VersionThe Workflow SDK has been deprecated, and will only receive fixes for defects or security issues. We are replacing its functionality with the Canvas SDK and its plugins, and will not set a date for the removal of the Workflow SDK until the Canvas SDK reaches feature parity. At that time we will present a migration plan to convert Workflow SDK Protocols into Canvas Plugins.TBD
(Not Soon)
FHIR API: DiagnosticReport Status entered_in_errorBreaking ChangeWe currently return entered_in_error for status. Per the FHIR spec, it should be entered-in-error, so we will be updating the read and search endpoints to return the correct value.07/02/2024
FHIR API: Location HeaderBreaking ChangeCanvas does not support versioned resources; however, we currently include a resource version number in the location header returned for create interactions:
Location: [base]/[type]/[id]/_history/[vid]

We will be removing it to adhere to the FHIR spec. If you are parsing the location header, you may need to adjust how you do so. The new format will be:
Location: [base]/[type]/[id]
FHIR API: Resource Attachment File URLsBreaking ChangeThe FHIR spec does not allow expiring pre-signed URLs for resource attachments. Going forward, HTTP clients that request resource attachment files will need to provide a bearer token in the request. The affected resources are Consent, DocumentReference, DiagnosticReport, Media, Patient, and Practitioner. Unless otherwise specified, the responses for these requests will be a temporary redirect to the pre-signed URLs. We have added a temporary extension to the Attachment attribute in each resource that includes the pre-signed URLs to support the transition.TBD
(updates to the existing Attachment attribute)
(removing the temporary extension)
FHIR API: Setting appointment location using the location integer valueBreaking ChangeThe FHIR Appointment endpoint now uses the reference from the Location Read/Search endpoint for the Location in supportingInformation. We plan to discontinue support of using the location integer.TBD