Implements FHIR API Breaking Changes

This release implements the following changes outlined here and previously communicated via email:

  • For DiagnosticReport read/search, the FHIR API previously returned entered_in_error for status. Per the FHIR spec, we now return entered-in-error.
  • The FHIR API previously returned the string null in the response body for successful create and update interactions. Create and update endpoints now return empty response bodies on successful interactions.
  • The FHIR API previously included the version number in the location header of create interaction responses. The version number should only be included by servers that support versioning, which our API does not.The location header now only includes the base URL, the resource type, and the identifier, i.e. [base]/[type]/[id]. The /_history/[vid] suffix on the location header value is no longer included.