Task Labels

You likely have a lot of tasks to address each day. Create custom labels to organize them better, and find them faster. Labels are tags that you can assign to your task based on different criteria, such as urgency, worfklow, or specialty. Instances are pre-configured with three labels: Emergent, Urgent, Routine.

Adding task labels #

To add a new task label, click add-task-label in the top right corner and then complete the following form.

Name: This is what shows on the label. (i.e. Urgent, Primary Care, Referral, etc.)

Color: Choose from the dropdown to associate a color. If not selected, the label will be gray.

Position: There is a search when adding labels, as well as the ability to scroll through a list. The position will determine the order in that list.

Task Association: You can associate specific labels to automatically created tasks

Updating and deleting task labels #

To edit a task label, click into an existing task label and make changes as needed. If you have the necessary permissions, you can also take a bulk action to delete task labels by checking the boxes next to each and using the action drop-down.