Beta | Commands API

Overview #

Many customers have needs to manage the contents of the timeline via the API - either to pre-chart for clinicians or to add content from external sources. Our Commands API is an externally-facing API that will provide a leap towards that world by allowing you to read, search, create, and update all of our commands via API.

  • Fully or partially filled out commands can be added to notes in either a committed or uncommitted state.
  • Commands can be added to encounter, review, or data import notes. It is important to note that encounter and review notes must be unlocked and should not be deleted.
  • Existing commands can be read by UUID or searched for using extensive query params.
  • The content of existing uncommitted commands can be updated.
  • Uncommitted commands can be committed or deleted.
  • Committed commands can be entered-in-error.

The commands API will be available for commands that have been migrated to the commands module of the SDK. We will update the tracker with progress, as new commands are released and available.

Expected Use Cases #

  • Write commands that are not currently availble via our FHIR endpoints to a note, like family history, surgical history, HPI, plan.
  • Read commands and surface the content in your patient experience. (e.g. Patient Instructions)
  • Support seamless integrations with AI scribes