Capture Charges

Canvas makes it easy to charge for the services you provide by integrating your fees directly into the documentation. Use this guide to learn how to set your charges and capture them through commands.

What you’ll learn #

In this guide, you will learn how to do the following:

  1. Configure your fee schedule and discounts
  2. Use your documentation to add charges

1. Configure your fee schedule and discounts #

You can set charges by configuring your fee schedule in admin. Determining what to charge is ultimately up to you but here are a few methods that might be helpful.

  • set charges based on costs of services
  • set charges based on your contracted rates
  • set charges based on a set percentage of medicare.

You can then apply discounts for cash pay patients.

2. Use your documentation to add charges #

The perform command pulls from your fee schedule. You can control what shows here by adding new codes or removing procedures that are not relevant to your care model. We recommend creating automations to tie specific procedure codes to your documentation.

You can also use a structured assessment. A structured assessment is a type of questionnaire that allows you to link ICD-10 and CPT codes to the responses. You can use these to build templates that document and charge for the services provided.

structured assessment