Managing Protocols in Settings

Viewing a Protocol in Settings #

The quickstart explains how to upload your protocol code using the canvas-cli upload command. In this section, we will explore how to find and view your uploaded Protocol in the Settings section of the Canvas UI.

Navigating to Settings #

To access the Settings section in the Canvas UI, click the hamburger menu in the top portion of the main screen, and then select Settings in the expanded menu:

Hamburger Button

After clicking on Settings, scroll down to the Practice section, and then select Protocol Uploads:


You should see your uploaded Protocol in the list like so:

Protocol Uploads

Click on the link of your Protocol and you will be taken to the following page:

Protocol Uploads Screen

This is the page for editing your Protocol:

Edit Protocol

Within this detailed page, the following options are available:

  1. Test the Protocol against a Patient This is the same functionality that is available when using the canvas-cli test-fixture command that was shown in Create A Protocol article. To execute a test, paste a patient key into the box, and click the Test against patient id/key button. You will receive output similar to the terminal output of thetest-fixture command.
  2. View the change history of the Protocol This will show the changes made to the Protocol entry after upload. Please note that this will only show changes made through the UI.
  3. Toggle Active Status This will activate or deactivate the Protocol.
  4. Change the Active Version This will change the version of the Protocol that is currently active. When uploading using the canvas-cli upload command, the version that is uploaded is automatically set as the active version.
  5. Is Abstract Toggle the abstract state of the Protocol.
  6. Error View any error details that are generated from the Protocol’s execution.
  7. Delete Delete the Protocol.
  8. Save Functionality Save any changes made to the Protocol via the Settings page.