What is an Effect?

Effects are sent from plugins back to Canvas in order to perform an action. Effects can be used to react to events that are received in plugins and then send Canvas instructions to ‘do something’.

Why should I use them?

Effects are useful because they can perform pre-determined actions in the Canvas EMR. This makes it possible to define workflows that, for example, create elements, show notifications or modify search results.

How do I use them?

Effects can be returned as a list from the compute method of a plugin that inherits from BaseProtocol. For example:

from canvas_sdk.events import EventType
from canvas_sdk.effects import Effect, EffectType
from canvas_sdk.protocols import BaseProtocol

class Protocol(BaseProtocol):

    def compute(self):
        results = self.context.get("results")

        post_processed_results = []
        ## custom results modifying code here

        return [

For more information on writing plugins, see the guide here.

Effect Types #

The following effects are available to be applied in Canvas.

AUTOCOMPLETE_SEARCH_RESULTSCan be used to modify search results by re-ordering or adding text annotations to individual result records.

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