other #

ModerateOrSevere #


class ModerateOrSevere(ValueSet)

Clinical Focus: This value set contains concepts that represent severe and moderate levels of severity.

Data Element Scope: This value set may use Quality Data Model (QDM) attribute related to Severity.

Inclusion Criteria: Includes only relevant concepts associated with specific to severe and moderate levels of severity.

Exclusion Criteria: No exclusions.

Payer #


class Payer(ValueSet)

Clinical Focus: Categories of types of health care payor entities as defined by the US Public Health Data Consortium SOP code system

Data Element Scope: @code in CCDA r2.1 template Planned Coverage [act: identifier urn:oid:2.16.840.1.113883. (open)] DYNAMIC

Inclusion Criteria: All codes in the code system

Exclusion Criteria: none